WHAT have we done?

the last Decade has given us some of our best memories. most of our experiences have come down to a combination of chance and good old fashioned graft!

‘The great thing about Bantams Banter is that you don’t need to be a Bradford City fan to enjoy it; actually you don’t need to be a football fan, or even like sport. You just need to know what it’s like to care about something so, so much... And if you don’t know what that’s like, then you probably need to listen to Dom and Tom in order to learn.’
— James Harkin, Senior Researcher at QI & No Such Thing As A Fish podcaster



BB is a podcast all about the highs and lows of supporting Bradford City. The podcast is listened to all over the world by fans of all football clubs. Why? Well football is a game that unites people across the globe and our listeners can relate to the real emotion of supporting a club that is one minute fighting for league survival and the next minute is beating Chelsea away in the FA Cup!

We have been extraordinarily lucky as football fans to record from some of the country’s best stadiums such as Wembley, Stamford Bridge and Villa Park among others. We’ve also been lucky enough to see our beloved Bantams win at these grounds too, producing some of the podcasts most memorable moments.

We’re very proud of the podcast and our club but at the heart of it all is the feeling of being a football fan, the feeling of ecstasy when our team wins, the disappointment when our team suffers defeat but above all, the unwavering love for football and our beloved Bradford City.


On the first Wednesday of every month during the footy season we host BBC Radio Leeds' 'Bradford City Special'. Each episode we're joined by guests to discuss Bradford City's form, squad and news in our own unique way.

The show is part of the stations West Yorkshire Sport series and airs between 6-7pm.

LADbible/SPORTbible - Euro 2016

Everybody loves a bit of people watching, and it's even better when you watch people watch the football. TheSPORTbible and Domino's got together for 'Home Game', where they snuggled up on the sofa with Tom & Dom for England's Euro 2016 games against Wales and Slovakia. Find out more and watch the videos here.

BT Sport - 'the footballs on'

During BT Sport's 2015 FA Cup quarter-final build up we were invited down to be on 'The Footballs On' a comedy panel show with Ian Stone, Keith Dover and Jo Caulfield. It was a strange experience trying to be funny behind a desk, but we loved it and held our own up against the pros...You can watch our appearance HERE.

bbc - football focus

During our amazing FA Cup run in 2015, we were asked to present a VT about, well, us! It's amazing to think that anyone cares about our 'story' other than our very understanding wives and children. It was to be shown as part of Football Focus FA Cup weekend show (originally broadcast on 14th of February 2015).  See the damage HERE.

Highlight; Working with the best producer ever! OK he was Southern, but it was worth it!

bbc look north

So we do local stuff too ;)

Tanya Arnold was on the blower for this one; she wanted us to present a small feature for local TV with the subtext of us possibly releasing another cup song. End product was a very enjoyable afternoon, see it HERE

Highlight; Getting heckled on twitter half way through filming and being digitally defended by Tanya!


During the 2014 FIFA World Cup Dom & Tom co-hosted ITV’s Official World Cup podcast alongside Alan Davies. The show went straight in at number 1 in the iTunes podcast chart and remained within the top 10 throughout the duration of the World Cup.

Highlight; Sitting on Alan's 'first ever' big brother diary room chair! The purple one!!

parking the bus challenge

During Bradford City's 2013 Capital One Cup One we were asked to present a short VT to be used for promotional reasons. We were asked to go to the BCAFC training ground to record and thought it was genuinely a two bit operation organised by a low budget production company. - oh how wrong we got that.

Full camera, audio and production crew were supplied along with runners, extras and the kitchen sink! Whole day spent filming with the players and coaching staff in which 3 of the squad had to try and successfully park a coach in between some cones. Easy right - see for yourself

match of the day

We were on blooming MOTD! We can't actually remember how it came about, think it was through a good friend of ours called Shelley Alexander who works for the beeb; she recommended us as a pair of buffoons who will ''readily talk crap about football''. They needed two stand in pundits to test out the new MOTD studio in Manchester for 2 recordings, one with Colin Murray and the other with Dan Walker. Both top blokes who with the help of others made us fulfill any football fans dream, to be on MOTD

Highlights; Tom use of the word 'doosh' to describe a hard shot and Dom's intricate description of Mick McCarthys ever receding hairline. 

bbc radio 5 live - olympics

During the London 2012 Olympics we worked as part of a crack team of producers making sport content for BBC Radio 5 live and BBC 5 Live Sports Extra. Night and Day we sat in a small darkened room* with two pairs of blunt scissors** chopping out the best of the days highlights to be played as audio packages at the end of each Olympic day. 

Highlight; We were the only people to correctly guess the EXACT medal count for the GB team in the whole of the office, including Jonathan Wall (he's a big deal) and the like!

*conditions may have varied.

**tools may also have varied

Screen Shot 2012-10-14 at 12.51.23.png

bbc children in need - record breakers!

As part of our continued donkey duty for the BBC in Manchester we worked for the Children in Need team. Our task was to help break the world record for the longest game of continuous 5-a-side football in the WORLD!

It was a 2 day football marathon in which me and Dom weirdly managed to agree to not have a break.

Highlight; A penalty save from Tom at 3.30am.

bbc learning

Yep, you read that correctly. We were hired for the day at the Carrington training ground in Manchester to TEACH children how to be idiots in front of a camera. What we actually had to do was show school groups how use video and audio recording equipment. Honestly, about 5,000 schools turned up that day and the energy and enthusiasm we showed in the morning definitely drained by about 2pm.

Highlight; the look on our faces when we were asked to split up and lead two seperate groups. The first time in our career, and the last.



That's right, we're quite the musicians. Like Il Divo, except tone-deaf, ugly and we wear sweatpants not suits. Our first venture into the world of music was our 2013 League Cup Final hit 'Let's Get Ready For Wembley'. This song was such a success that when Bradford City reached the play-off final that same year we released our difficult second single 'Jolly Holiday'. Well, by this point we were pop stars, so the only logical thing to do was to bring out a Christmas 'No.1', 'Merry Christmas City Fans'.

You can listen to and watch all of our 'hits' HERE.