One Big January

It's January and, surprise surprise, we're panicking. Spurred on by the questionable loss of Devante Cole and the pending departure of Luke James (insert honourable mention to Alan Sheehan here), heads are starting to go left, right and centre.  

At the time of writing, City are currently the lowest scorers in League 1. Sure, we've got two games in hand, which, providing we manage to score an actual goal and win, could see the club move back up towards the playoffs - but are we really going to build our season around ifs and buts? 

After all, if there's anything we can learn from the likes of Preston, Bristol and MK Dons (last year's three promoted teams), if you're going to make the step up to the Championship, you've got to hit the net consistently throughout the season.

Is Parky addressing this issue? I believe so. Whether Devante's attitude was poor or Parky saw through his Man City roots remains unclear – but what is certain is that Bradford's goal-scoring department needs someone who can deliver, week in, week out. What's Jamie Mackie up to these days?

Whenever we start to slip, it's all too easy to cast our minds back to those who have given us so many memories (and most importantly, goals) down the years. From Nahki to Deano, strikers have always played a big part in what we do at Valley Parade – and I think Parky knows it. And that's a good thing.

This January, city's shopping list should be headed by one thing, and one thing alone. Whether they choose to write it in glittery ink or permanent marker, it doesn't matter, as long as it reads 'proven goal scorer', I'm sure none of us would mind. The question is, who's actually available? Shola Ameobi? Peter Crouch? Aaron Mc….I can't even say it.

If City are going to challenge, I mean, seriously challenge this season, then a lot hinges on the next few days. If we can bring in a striker who matches the quality we see in Evans and Burke, then maybe, just maybe we could do it. If not, I wouldn't be surprised if we're seeing 18,000 sad faces by mid-March.

The good news is this: we have Parkinson. The Special One. The man who brought the likes of Jones, Darby and McCardle to BD8 – the man who so many of us should be thanking for even being where we are today. 

Providing he can dust off his scouting glasses well enough – and we can avoid signing yet another dud – there's still hope. And as long as there's hope, as we've seen time and time again, anything is possible as far as Bradford City are concerned.