Why Lowering Expectations Could Enhance City’s Play-Off Challenge

Header picture credit Thomas Gadd Photography

It’s been a solid week for Bradford City, big wins against Burton and Doncaster have extinguished any negativity around the limp Colchester defeat – however, there’s a whopping difference between positivity and expectation.

Expectation puts a huge amount of unnecessary pressure on the team – especially in the upcoming crucial home games where the crowd need to be fully on side.

The fans can’t dictate dismal weather (don’t get me started on rain!) or a flat performance from the squad which flattens the mood in a very atmospheric stadium, but we can affect is the way we can get behind the team, act as if each fixture is a difficult challenge and mental prepare it like a game against a Chelsea or even a Wigan who we play this Saturday.

This is not a defeatist or negative attitude, these are based on facts not just from this season but also in previous spells where City are seen as the underdog, at present the team are still way behind the favourites to get promoted and I think having it this way suits everybody all round.

If the fans go into games expecting to win we’re going to continue to see Twitter meltdowns every Saturday evening – it will be like turning up at a house party with somebody dropping a house brick in the alcoholic punch!

It’s been a fully old season, I remember saying City have come back from the dead more times than the band Oasis in the past few weeks, let’s make one thing clear though, barring the odd performance here and there I’ve been more than happy with the challenge this campaign, even if we miss out this year, the pre-season would be a fantastic platform for many reasons:

  • German Investors - Will they be in or out?
  • Team unity - The depth in the squad will mean few new signings who'll need to gel
  • Capacity attendance? A fantastic new season ticket offer would see an even bigger home attendance week on week
  • The bloomin’ lovely scoreboard!

The best things in football happen when they’re unexpected, Chelsea away is a fantastic example – the joy after that game was like waiting for the fittest girl in school to message you back, a glorious feeling!

If we get a point at Wigan on Saturday I’ll be thrilled, if we don’t then it’s not a big issue – what matters is that the team and staff are giving it an almighty fight in the race for the play-offs and as fans we need to ensure we can get behind the team as much as possible but the team also need to do their bit and give us something to shout about – with PP in charge that will happen more often than not!