BDFC Update - The People's FA Cup

Recently Bradford Disability competed in The FA People's Cup at Football World in Leeds.

There were 4 teams with 5 players in each. The first game that we played we unfortunately lost 7-1 which was against Harrogate who eventually went on to win the competition. The goal scorer for BDFC was a player called Robert Mitchell he scored from the penalty spot.

The second match was BDFC v BDFC the final score being 7-2

Then the next match was Bradford Disability Football Club v Harrogate and the match result was 5-3 to Harrogate. Bradford Disability Football Clubs goals were scored by Bash, Joshua Lightowler and Jordan Giles.

After lunch again it was BDFC v BDFC you might think there is a pattern occurring here but there were only BDFC and Harrogate competing at adult level this was because Leeds United pulled out of the tournament at the last minute, so It turned into a round robin between Harrogate, BDFC 1, BDFC 2, BDFC 3.  I think Massimo Chelino may be in charge of the disability club too lol.

So here goes, this is how the match after lunch turned out. The match result was 5-4 so at least a BDFC team won in this game lol. The 5 goals for BDFC 1 were scored by Oliver Clayton who scored 4 goals in this match and Daniel Barker who scored the fifth. And the 4 goals for BDFC 2 were scored by Robert Mitchell with a hat trick and a goal from a recently new member called Ewan.

The second match after lunch was BDFC 3 v Harrogate where Sam Robinson scored the two BDFC goals in a 6-2 defeat.

The final three matches in the tournament were:

BDFC 1 vs BDFC 2 – The result of this match was a 3-0 for BDFC 1 the scorers were Oliver Clayton and a double from Daniel Barker.

The second to last match was a thrilling 3-3 draw between BDFC 1 and Harrogate this was a very end to end game with both teams scoring some great goals. The scorers in this game was again Daniel Barker with a hat trick.  He had a great tournament!

The third game was another match between two of the Bradford DFC teams and the result of this match was 12-6.  Everyone has a defeat like this at some stage, look at Bradford City in the Capital One Cup J.                                     

The tournament was a great event with teams of disability footballers competing to qualify for the next round of the competition and after the qualifying rounds there is a finals day which is held in Manchester. At the end of the finals day there are about three winners of each group and they will all get the opportunity to go and watch this year’s FA Cup final at the iconic Wembley Stadium.

Winners of the junior competition and their coach Paul Jubb

Winners of the junior competition and their coach Paul Jubb