Jake & Mark To Take on 50K running challenge

Jake Verity and Mark Hughes, A level Student’s studying at Titus Salt School Baildon, are about to undertake a 50K running challenge for Prostate Cancer UK, finishing at Valley Parade before the Home League game on Saturday 26th September 2015 and they will dedicate their achievements to Jake’s Hero his Grandad a former professional footballer, who was recently diagnosed with the disease.

In April 2015, Jake’s Grandad, who is “his Hero” was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Having lost his Nana also to Cancer in 2008, he was affected deeply by this recent diagnosis. He knew he wanted to make a difference; to help STOP this evil disease taking the lives of his and other people’s loved ones. He and his close friend Mark Hughes, will do something different, to raise much needed funds, for Prostate Cancer UK.

Jake said “Together we decided to embark upon a unique type of 50K run. We didn’t just want to complete one 10K run but we will undertake five on consecutive days. This represents four days runs totalling 40K for the 40,000 new cases of Prostate cancer diagnosed each year and then a fifth day running 10k for the 10,000 men who unfortunately die each year from this disease.”

As the guys established, most football teams across the country are great supporters of this charity, which is a “perfect fit” as Jake and Mark are avid Bradford City season ticket holders, however more pertinent is the fact that the man they are doing this incredible feat for, Jake’s much loved Grandad, Tony Holt, was a professional footballer in the 1960’s and played for Blackpool, to name just one of his professional clubs.

Bradford City Football Club have kindly agreed to support the guys fully with their challenge and have suggested they complete the 5 days of 10K runs on Saturday 26th September, down at Valley Parade, with a victory lap of the pitch, prior to the league game against Peterborough Utd.

Mark Bishop, Director of Fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK, added “This challenge is the perfect example of what we call ‘Men United’, guys getting together to do something great to help beat Prostate Cancer.”

Unfortunately after the two teenagers organised this momentous event, Jake’s Grandad had a horrific accident, causing multiple life threatening injuries, which resulted in him being in Intensive Care for over 4 weeks and in a specialist head trauma unit for over 6 weeks.
Astoundingly however his Grandad has survived this ordeal but is left with some life changing injuries, which means that Jake is unsure whether his Grandad will be able to attend the finale at the Bradford City ground and see the 2 boys receive their well-deserved accolade.

Jake’s Grandad has commenced his prostrate treatment. Nobody knows how effective this treatment will be for him however what we do know is, this amazing challenge that the 2 teenagers are doing, will most definitely make a difference to Prostate Cancer UK and to all the Men who are facing the same uncertainty as Jake’s Grandad. 

Thank you for reading their story and please visit Jake and Mark’s “Just Giving Page” via the link below and please donate generously for this valuable cause – every person can make a difference!!


• Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in Men in the UK
• 10,000 Men die from Prostate Cancer every year
• There is around 40,000 new cases of Prostate cancer each year