Debrief - Vs. Peterborough United

Fluffy Bantams Roll Over For A Heavy Petting

How the footballing tables can turn.

Rewind back 6 days, City were unbeaten in 5 games, everybody was dreaming of The Championship and another away day at Rotherham’s “mini Emirates” stadium.

It’s now 2 days after the defeat to Peterborough and the eve of Tuesdays trip to Colchester which is probably another toss of a coin game, but after Saturday’s poor performance even a draw would be welcomed with open arms.

The last time I saw a performance as disappointing as Saturday was Sarah Harding’s first appearance on Coronation Street and funnily enough the game was one that matched in quality in last season’s reverse fixture at Peterborough..

That day was truly one of those days to forget, the journey was long, it was bloody freezing and the pie I bought for my lunch was like eating nothing but 4 inch bland pastry, with the addition of Pukka Pies at VP this season you will feel comforted with the quality filling and won’t feel let down with the disappointing, thick 4 inches that are served up down south.

Let’s be honest, like most teams that come to VP it’s all about “game management”.

Waste time, keep it tight and if they nick a goal then brilliant – exactly what Peterborough did, pass the arse out of the ball, quieten the crowd and fulfil the promise of 600 passes per game as the friendly emails to the fans beforehand stated.

When City have a bad day, it’s a bad one, you know it’s a bad performance when you contemplate ordering a disgusting donner meat pizza for your tea (dinner if your posh or southern) from “MacDonners” at 5 Lane Ends, it was a performance that made you want to go to work on the Sunday to take away the painful memories.

The whole team didn’t look at the races, the first half an hour was like watching an extended Barclays “Walking Football” advert only without Andy Cole toe poking home a winner for Grandfathers Athletic. It truly was a mirrored performance from the spirited one shown the previous week against Sheffield United.

I think I gave Lee Evans “Man Of The Match” following the fulltime whistle on Saturday and had a heap of abuse on Twitter for it, he’s was the best of a bunch who never looked like scoring, Cole & Hanson looked like they had food poisoning (probably from MacDonners the night before) and to top the whole day off Anderson breaks his leg after finding some much needed form and game time.

Goals are much needed at the moment and with the loss off Ando, Morris and Morais injured we must look to bringing in a fresh target before Saturdays game – somebody who isn’t the former fragile left winger Kyel Reid – like an ex-girlfriend people need to let him go, he’s played 8 minutes of League football so far it would be a foolish move.

We will probably have more of a picture after tomorrows result, what will happen to Brad Jones, do we need a new winger now Dylan Mottley Henry has scored a hat trick, will Twitter be a happy place or one filled with angry overreactions and can a Barclays Digital Eagle really help you turn into a great footballer?!

Only time will tell!