Bantams Banter Returns

The Bantams Banter podcast returns for the 2015-2016 season this Saturday, 26th September. Yes, we missed the start of the season, but Tom was on holiday and since he returned we’ve been busy knitting Christmas jumpers…

Episode #103 will be our first show of the current season and with new players, new kit, a new pitch and a packed out VP it'll be great to be back behind the microphones!

We also plan on bringing back some of the features that fell by the wayside during our famous FA Cup run last year! Such as…

Phone A Fan

Fancy making your voice heard? Perhaps you want to sing the praises of the team or maybe even have a rant? Then why not sign up to be our ‘Phone a fan’. It’s pretty straight forward – we call you and have a chat about City, you’ll have 5 minutes to get your point across!

Phone A Foe

Basically, we find out which pub is local to Bradford City’s opposition. We then call them and find out as much about their club as we can…inspired. It’s also a bit like cold calling to anything could happen. Care to suggest a pub? Email us.

We cannot wait to get podcasting, let’s hope it’s a victorious return!

Commentary Rap...but not rap.

You'll have to listen to the next podcast to find out what we're doing with this old favourite!

Episode #103 Vs. Peterborough will be sponsored by – For high quality pull-ups and PVC banners at rock bottom rates go to