My Trip to St. Mirren

We woke up at 5:00. We got the 6:20 bus to Bradford. We had a McDonalds for breakfast where there was two drunk girls fighting over an egg McMuffin.

We met Joe and Steve in Greggs! At the station a very old pirate walked past. We then got the 7:30 train to Blackpool North. We got off at Preston at 8:50 and went to the bar on the station. We saw the pirate in Whistle stop. We then got the 9:40 train to Glasgow Central with 4 cans of Carlsberg. Meanwhile, Steve was repeating the 1976 FA Cup story.

We arrived at Glasgow at 12:00 and went to Burger King for lunch. We got the 12:36 train to Paisley and arrived at 13:50. There was no programme to buy; disgraceful. Also, the club shop was the size of my bedroom. We went to the club bar and then went into the ground. First half: goal (Billy Clarke), assist (Billy Knott).

Then, we went back to Glasgow and went to a dodgey Polish bar. Our train was cancelled so we had to get the earlier one. We had no idea where Joe and Steve were. They did eventually turn up! We started singing a song about Steve being a scummy man because of his photo on his railcard.

We arrived home at 11:20 after a very long day!