What is Bantams Banter?

It's a question we're asked by quite a few. From kids who only know us for our atrocious 'trembly knee' dance in our 'Let's Get Ready For Wembley' video to the older generation of City fans who think an podcast is something you do with a fishing rod.

Well it's a sort of like a football radio show, without music, without a DJ, without much insight but it does contain a lot of emotion. I’m not sure if you’ve ever listened to the show, but they seem to go down very well with football fans across the world. 

People listen for all sorts of reasons: some are die hard city fans, loyal to anything that adds to the success of their beloved club; some are adopted fans from other (even rival) clubs, some are kids who cottoned on to the fact that we swear a lot and relate to our ‘unorthodox’ approach to ‘football commentary and others stumbled across us during our first newsworthy cup run. Old, young; football addicts, football haters; men; women, celebs and the good old classic supporter. Sometimes it astounds us to uncover the assortment of our listeners; it’s almost as though the football bit has become incidental. It’s sometimes just an ambience. An instrument to keep up the conversation in a lull. Don’t get me wrong, we bloody love city; I mean genuinely, love them; but we’re about as far from reliable, well-informed football pundits as you could possibly get. 

What we’ve realized is, that quite unintentionally, Bantams Banter is so treasured by this diverse group of people because of us. Tom and Dom. People tune in to follow the triumphs and pitfalls of our relationship as much as they do the triumphs and pitfalls of the club. God knows why. We think we’re idiots. Guess that must be it.