Bradford Disability FC - End of Season Update

I wasn’t able to make the final league games as I was out till late the night before as it was Bradford City’s Last Home Game of the season this is a tradition where I have to go out before and after every first home game and every last home game of the season.  So some might say (not meaning to copy an Oasis Lyric), I’m a bit of a George Best or a Paul Gascoigne character as opposed  to Andy Halliday, Billy Knott and Stephen Darby characters of the beautiful game.

Enough of me and my boring life story lol here are the final league standings for each league –

League 1

Unfortunately Bradford DFC 1 finished an unlucky 2nd place out of 9 teams so that’s very unlucky for the lads.  They finished 3 points behind table toppers Harrogate Gateway.  If this had been a league that involved promotions like professional, finishing 2nd would mean that they would have been in the automatic promotion place. WELL DONE LADS!

Bradford DFC 2 who are also in this group finished the season in 7th place. Unfortunately, if it was a league that involved the play offs they would have been in one of the relegation playoff places.

Bradford DFC 3 on the other hand didn’t have a great league campaign as they finished a disappointing 9th out of a possible 9 teams.

I’m sure both Bradford 2 and Bradford 3 in this league will have a much better season next year.

League 2

In this league there are only two Bradford DFC teams that take part.  Bradford 1 finished 3rd out 10 and Bradford 2 finished 5th. We should be really proud of ourselves because both of the teams played some good football at times and deserve to finish in the top half.  For the fellow city fans reading this, you’ll be pleased to know that the bottom two teams are both the clubs that represent L**DS United, but they did well too.  If professional, both the Bradford teams would be in the playoff positions.  Sorry I wasn’t there for my team!  Will stay off the booze next season lol.

League 3

In this league we have three Bradford DFC teams and here is where they all finished –

Bradford DFC 2 won the league by playing again some really good and watchable football and working as a team. These are the League 3 champions and not only that they earlier in the week got through to the next round of the FA Peoples Cup.  SO MASSIVE CONGRATS TO THEM!

Bradford DFC 3 finished 4th which is pretty good as they are only two points off third place. Last but not least Bradford DFC 1 have finished the campaign at the bottom of the table.  BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME LADS!

I definitely think that wherever any of the Bradford DFC teams ended up, I’m sure we can all work hard this pre-season and go into to next seasons set of games and dominate every single league. Not only do it for yourselves but your representing Bradford City and Bradford itself and not forgetting the 56 also.

Thanks BANTAMS BANTER for letting me do this.

See You All Next Season

Liam BCFC Midgley