Debrief - Preston Nob End

Home Wrecking Dismantles City’s Loving Play Off Relationship

Good Fridays’ fantastic performance against Doncaster put that final play-off spot firmly in our own hands and then came Preston - the sun was beaming, fans in fine voice and it almost had a feel of an end of season testimonial.

I think we all arrived at VP with a sense of optimism, I arrived with a bottle of Volvic and a box of Cadburys flakes, I was like a terrible Ice Cream man without the vital ingredient – instead I had the hope that by 5pm on Monday 6th April City would be in the Play Off places..

I spoke to Andrew Davies upon his arrival to the ground and immediately asked him how his troublesome groin was holding up, he simply gazed at me, showing off his gleaming smile and said “it’s fine and well, fortunately it wasn’t too serious and I should be back for Gillingham” – would we all rather see Davies fully heal than risk himself in the upcoming games UNLESS there’s a small chance that 6th spot reopens for BCAFC business?

Let’s not forget - A sensational 16,000+ City fans turned out at VP, and even Tom & Dom (who I've realised has a remarkable likeness to American nob head Robin Thicke, see right) returned with Bantams Banter for the first league podcast since the loss to Reading in the FA Cup, only added to the charm and luck that was captured the FA Cup run, but it was an inexperienced mistake by the French love machine Chris Routis that pulled apart any hope of a possible win.


Listen, we all make mistakes, its imprinted into every single living persons’ DNA, the ball was bouncing all over the place and I don’t believe Garner would’ve scored anyway- it was the complete opposite for the Jon Stead chance, I would’ve had my soul on him burying that chance – it just wasn’t meant to be.

It’s now all down to a little two piece in the shape of tough home games, ones to really test the team around a smattering of tough away fixtures against Gillingham, Scunthorpe and Sheffield United – it looks more and more likely they will be games to see out the season but I’m dead chuffed with how the season has panned out.

Some of my favourite Bradford City memories have been produced this season, the team has given it a good go and if there’s a fan of this team that wishes to complain then please feel free to fire some abuse at me on Twitter (not in real life please – im a sensitive guy), we know the pitch has been heavy and has added to the fixture scheduling with just plays havoc with the body.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend Gillingham and Bristol City due to travelling but I’ll be keeping a very keen eye on that League table, a win against the Gills still keeps everybody believing but I’m satisfied with this VERY successful season, the tank is nearing empty, the fans are also feeling the end of season strain due to the mass of games – let’s just wait and see eh?!

Next season will be our year – more fans will attend, more funds will be added for the transfer budget to add depth to the squad but all the talk once the season ends will be around the renewals of Gary Liddle, Andrew Davies and Billy Clarkes contracts, I’d keep them all and have that terrific base to build upon, mark my words - 2015/2016 will be Bradford City’s year.