The Story Of Dom & Tom So Far...

In 2012, in an attempt to get some publicity, Tom sent a series of emails to the well know football magazine Four Four Two. They ignored him. So, we’ve turned those emails into a mini-autobiography of Tom & Dom’s journey so far.

'How Not To Make It In Radio...Yet' covers Tom and Dom's journey, from meeting each other and starting the podcast, to Wembley podcasting and the present day...and of course, the fact that despite working with some of the countries best broadcasters, they stil don't have jobs in radio!

We have separated this 'audiobook' (if we dare call it that) into a few chapters/downloads and will release them as and when! We'll make sure you know when future chapters are released.

You can listen below or download and listen on iTunes.

'Who do these two think they are?'
The best, so shut up. I'm joking. It's not about that. Having written these emails, we realised that we'd actually done quite a lot of interesting stuff on our path to where we are today, such as visiting BBC Television Centre, working at 5 Live during the Olympics and even breaking a world record (alongside 100s of other people). So, sit back, relax and listen to us fail, get somewhere, fail and get somewhere...