Debrief - Vs. Blackpool

'Operation: October. A whopping success as Phil Parkinson’s City are in 00Heaven'

What a month it’s been for Bradford City!

An unbeaten run spanning over 6 games has intertwined with Adele releasing another huge hit “Hello” which is apparently based on a friend who was aggressively addicted to ringing up Babestation on a lonely evening and also the release of the new James Bond fillum “Spectre” where things are digitally blown up and Mr Bond adds yet another lady to his ever growing list of sexual history.

Tuesday night’s fixture against Blackpool was a traditional game under the lights at an extremely foggy Coral Windows Stadium and at times it was so comfortable for City, during one point in the second half I thought I saw Stephen Darby lighting up a cigar and Ben Williams nailing a Catherine wheel to the crossbar and setting off some rockets over the TL Dallas stand!

Undoubtedly, one of the key players during this unbeaten spell is Tony McMahon, a man on current form is un-droppable from the squad – even Michael Jackson (if still on this earth) couldn’t drop him whilst cradled over a balcony wrapped in a blanket. McMahon is up there with my favourite Tony’s of all time and that includes Soprano and The Tiger, he’s starting to boss the midfield role and at times impressively strides around like a commanding Spanish matador, coupled with a cheeky nature whilst out on the field is reminiscent of Dean Windass during his spells at the Club.

Having witnessed some “tricky” home games so far this season, the victory against Bury was a fantastic display, almost perfect barring the goal conceded in the final seconds of injury time and that’s saying something – I don’t class many things as “perfect” apart from Rihanna of course, who has such a perfect face, a head like a seaside statue full on intrigue and fantasy!

All the talk has been about Kyel Reid’s return following a loan from Preston and I must admit, after a terrific start I feel the same about Reidy as when he originally left. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching his enthusiasm in the games he features in, but he does all the hard work and skips the easy bits (crossing) – he reminds me of a lazy postman who weaves past the boisterous dog in the garden but is too scared to slot the letters through the letterbox, it’s frustrating in the final ball but has certainly been a key part in the unbeaten run!

The key question as we look to the weekend is a tough one – do we really need to win on Sunday? I don’t think anyone is looking at Sunday’s FA Cup clash against Aldershot as an easy win, its most definitely a game we could end up losing and a game that I wouldn’t mind losing if it’s going to cause fixture chaos like last years’ cup run and cause similar poor performances away at places like Yeovil.

On the other hand the FA Cup run money is a whopper which could bring in an extra player or 2 in January and with 18,000 season tickets holders I’m sure the ticket office wouldn’t experience such a stressful few spells with prioritising big fixtures. It’s really 50/50 on which is the most beneficial outcome.

Whatever happens, the League must be full priority and I for one don’t mind watching City grind out 1-0 wins every week instead of conceding a late equaliser on a bitterly cold evening just off Midland Road. Parkinson has hushed all of the whingers that crawled out of the woodwork early doors and if we’re knocked out at the weekend so be it, but in the modern age of short memories and people taking things for granted – (unfortunately) I would still expect Twitter to be full of moans and groans as the pause button is clicked on their Football Manager software.