Tom and Dom are first and foremost, fans of the beautiful game. Their direct, honest and humorous comments make them the perfect footie pundits. This dynamic duo are highly creative in any media environment, comfortable in front of the camera or behind the mic, making them the ideal broadcasting choice. The future’s bright for these boys, even if they support Bradford City. A pleasure to work with, there’s only one Bantams Banter.
— Graham Lewis, Producer/Director at BBC Football Focus, formerly of Soccer AM

The great thing about Bantams Banter is that you don’t need to be a Bradford City fan to enjoy it; actually you don’t need to be a football fan, or even like sport. You just need to know what it’s like to care about something so, so much... And if you don’t know what that’s like, then you probably need to listen to Dom and Tom in order to learn.
— James Harkin, Senior Researcher at QI & Presenter of No Such Thing As A Fish podcast

 One of our listeners, Gaz Wright, had our logo permanently tattooed onto his arm! We think that's a pretty good testimonial!

One of our listeners, Gaz Wright, had our logo permanently tattooed onto his arm! We think that's a pretty good testimonial!

Tom and Dom are absolutely hilarious. They need to be given their own radio show. They are the most underrated double act in the country.
— Rob Beckett, Comedian, TV and Radio Presenter
...brilliantly random! Easily the funniest podcast I’ve heard.
— Jacqui Oatley MBE, Sport presenter and journalist
Individually brilliant, put together they are inspired, passionate, authentic and very very funny.
— Simon Crosse, TV/Radio Producer, BBC, Channel 4, BT

Dom and Tom are natural broadcasters, more like raconteurs in fact. Great company, knowledgable, they should be on national radio, and they usually park legally to boot.
— Alan Davies, Stand up comedian, author and TV personality; QI, Jonathan Creek

Comedian Rob Beckett...again!

The success of the Bantams Banter boys is synonymous with that of Bradford City. Two Wembley appearances, promotion, last years unforgettable FA Cup run not forgetting overturning Premier League giants Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea & Sunderland among others. It’s clear from their social media followers their is an appetite for their irreverent take on the game and City fans followed their podcasts in numbers as an alternative to traditional media coverage. We love what they do from a Club perspective and it’s clear top TV execs do also trusting them with regular slots on national TV & Radio.
Having worked most of my life in broadcasting what they do is bring football coverage to listeners from a fans point of view. That’s a skill but it’s also blooming hilarious and afterall we’re in the entertainment industry so making people laugh at the good, bad and ugly side off football is what people want.
— James Mason COO, Bradford City FC

I’ve seen and heard plenty in the press box during my 15 years of covering Bradford City for the Telegraph & Argus.
But the Bantams Banter lads are something else.
I have the “dubious” pleasure of sharing the back row with the pair of them and, however the flat the game might be at times, there’s rarely a dull moment. They are excitable, passionate and, I’ll have to admit, pretty knowledgeable.
They shout, sing, laugh, even rap at times to portray in their own inimitable way what the crowd are going through.
I’ve seen at close hand how Bantams Banter has morphed from a couple of wannabe radio reporters finding their feet to two Valley Parade cult heroes through podcasts, videos, even a cup final song!
It’s raw, it’s edgy, but it’s never predictable – and that’s their strength.
— Simon Parker, Sports Writer, Telegraph & Argus